Musicbee support?

I wonder if you have plans to add support for audio player called MusicBee ( ?

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i will check the player.
could you tell me the advantages of this player? are you the developer of this player?

I'm not a developer, I am a translator for my language (Portuguese of Brazil) program, and would be very happy if the application supports it brought the desenvolveder use the nickname "Steven" in the forum of their program, I'll be waiting.

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I have check the player, and i don't tell what's the advantages of this player,and i have no idea if there is sdk of this player for plugin.
could u tell me why people choose this player,not the wmp or foobar2000?

I recommend an article in English about some reasons to choose it :

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thanks for your information. I'll think abou it.

COmparable to Foobar2000, I am the one moving from Foobar for 5 year using it and really felling in love with Musicbee
Autolyric is known to be best lyric software for Asian songs
Please support Musicbee