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  • Title:You Will Be Mine
  • Artist:Lenka
  • Album:TWO
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    Lenka - You Will Be Mine

    作曲:Lenka Kripac
    填词:Lenka Kripac

    She moved in to the house next door
    Said she'd never been in love before
    Tried the best she could to hide herself away
    But every time she turned the lights down low
    He thought he heard a voice calling out so slow
    Come and take me away from all this pain
    And he said
    I see you sitting there at the window sill
    Looking for shooting stars
    I wanna get closer and closer still
    I wanna take over your heart
    You will be mine, mine
    Over time, time
    You're gonna find, find
    I'll make you mine, mine
    Every morning when she came outside
    He tried to be the one to catch her eye
    But she would only turn away and hide
    He started to concoct a plan
    To get her to return the feelings that he had
    To show her how he thought they were entwined
    Little love letters written in red
    Folded up, put away next to the bed, oh
    Little crushed hopes every day
    Waiting in the wings to spirit her away
    You will be mine mine
    Over time time
    You're gonna find find
    I'll make you mine mine
    I'll make you mine