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  • Title:Roll With The Punches
  • Artist:Lenka
  • Album:Two
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    Lenka - Roll With The Punches

    Roll, roll with the punches
    That really hurt me
    Like a fist to the face I wasn't ready
    To be knocked out of place
    Suddenly everything I was sure of
    Sinking below the depths of the surface
    It's unexpected, it usually is
    When you're rejected, or you take a hit
    Suddenly everything's thrown in a spin
    No time to grow a thicker skin
    What kind of situation am I in now?
    When life tries to knock all the wind out of you
    You've got to roll, roll, roll with the punches
    If all life offers is black and blue
    Little weapons over the phone
    They like to threaten the life that I know
    They say get over here and get into the ring
    But I'm not really much a fighter
    My mechanisms of defense are down
    And my resistance is out on the town
    I was alarmed by your attack
    This isn't a boxing match
    But I'll be damned if I ever let you win
    When all I want is a little stability
    Some time without any bruises
    You go and tell me the things that I don't want to hear
    Putting your fist into my ears
    Filling me up with the dread and the fear leaving you all in pieces
    Oh when life tries to knock all the wind out of you
    You've got to hold, hold, hold your head up high