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  • Title:Everything's OK
  • Artist:Lenka
  • Album:Two
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    Lenka - Everything's Okay

    Keep giving me hope for a better day
    Keep giving me love to find a way
    Through this heaviness I feel
    I just need someone to say everything's okay
    Woke my weary head
    Crawled out of my bed
    And I said "Oh, how do I go on?"
    Nothing's going right
    shadow's took the light
    Sometimes I need a little sunshine
    And sometimes I need you
    Through this messy life I made for myself
    Heaven knows I need a little
    Hope for a better day
    I needa love to find a way
    I gave my hope to you
    When you were early through
    And you said, "Oh, I can't go on
    Well now I need it back
    'Cause I have got a lack of all that's good
    And I can't go on
    Sometimes I just need a little sunshine
    Everything's okay everything's okay
    I needa love to find a way