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  • Artist:Namie Amuro
  • Album:Uncontrolled
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    Namie Amuro--singing"Yeah-Oh"
    词:Double, L. Nervo, M. Nervo
    曲:T. Kim, L. Nervo, M. Nervo, T-SK
    Somebody stop me cause I don't think I can't keep in control (no-o no-o)
    Somebody help me now cause this beats got me ready to blow (oh-h-h)
    I'm thinkin' bout one thing that's on your mind
    I'm thinkin' bout something that you will like
    So don't pretend you don't understand
    This one thing cause it's quite alright
    Feeling what I'm feeling no apology
    Cause boy I know what I believe in and it's you and me
    Don't you hold back this feeling cause this time I'm sure
    We're singing yeah-oh. singing yeah-h-h-oh

    Somebody help me cause I don't think I can't take anymore (mo-o-ore)
    Your body talks to me in ways you know I can't ignore (no-o no-o)
    Dance to the same beat, move like you move me, love like you can't breathe
    It doesn't make sense for you to hold back on this love
    It doesn't make sense for us to ever give this up
    It doesn't make sense baby it doesn't make sense for us
    So c'mon get it closer, c'mon get it closer