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  • Title:Nothing Here but Love
  • Artist:Lenka
  • Album:Shadows
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    Artist: Lenka
    Title: Nothing Here but Love
    Album: Shadows - 2013
    Lying under setting sun
    The day is done, my heart is won
    We hold each other, friends or lovers
    High above, there's nothing here
    But you and me, we'll never end
    We're innocent, we're heaven-sent
    We're born together, dying together
    Live forever, there's nothing here but…
    Love, sweet love...
    It's all we know, so can I show you
    Take time to grow, there's nothing here but love...
    Take me where the days are fun
    Where everyone knows everyone
    We'll love together, live together
    We will never be let down
    Oh you will see it's meant to be
    We're living life, we're wild and free
    We're falling under, right from under
    Oh my darling there's nothing here but…
    Can you whisper into my ear
    The words that I love to hear?

    Oooo...oh...oohh...haa haa aa...
    Love, sweet love... (oooo...oh..oohh..haa haa aa..)
    Take time to grow, there's nothing here but…
    Love, my love...
    Take time to grow, there's nothing here but love
    There's nothing here but love, love...