• Title:So Late So Soon
  • Artist:Alan Jackson
  • Album:Where Have You Gone
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:burney
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    So Late So Soon - Alan Jackson

    We drank all the wine
    And we burned all the candles to the ground
    We danced to every dance they played
    'til silence seemed to be the only sound
    And I could've sworn not long ago
    The sun was only starting to go down
    But when did all the stars
    Fade just like the moon?
    And how'd it get so late so soon?
    Twilight was just leaving
    When the first kiss of the evening got us high
    And time stood at a standstill
    when the whole world just stopped for you and I
    And that last kiss you gave me, baby, just lit up the sky
    When did that early bird
    Start singing his first tune?
    How'd it get so late so soon?
    Oh, I could've sworn not long ago