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  • Title:Pretty Boy
  • Artist:M2M
  • Album:聆乐时光 - 外语篇
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    /漂亮的男孩 - M2M/窈窕美眉

    I lie awake at night 我躺在床上夜不能寐
    See things in black and white 所有的事情在脑海中如黑白电影般掠过
    I've only got you inside my mind 我的心中只有你
    You know you have made me blind 你知道你使我盲目
    I lie awake and pray 我躺在床上祈祷
    That you will look my way 希望你能看我一眼
    I have all this longing in my heart 我的心中充满对你的渴望
    I knew it right from the start 从一开始我就知道
    Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you 噢,我英俊漂亮的男孩,我如此喜欢你
    Like I never ever loved no one before you 就如同我过去不希望爱上任何人一样强烈
    Pretty pretty boy of mine 我英俊漂亮的男孩啊
    Just tell me you love me too 告诉我你也爱我好吗
    Oh my pretty pretty boy I need you 噢,我英俊漂亮的男孩,我如此需要你
    Oh my pretty pretty boy I do 噢,我英俊漂亮的男孩,我真的需要你
    Let me inside 让我进入你的心里
    Make me stay right beside you 留在你身边
    I used to write your name 我过去总是写你的名字
    And put it in a frame 并把它装裱起来
    And sometime I think I hear you call 有时我会以为听到你的呼唤
    Right from my bedroom wall 从我卧室的墙上
    You stay a little while 你停留片刻
    And touch me with your smile 你的微笑触动了我的心灵
    And what can I say to make you mine 我该说什么以把握住你
    To reach out for you in time 以便及时的为你出手
    Oh pretty boy,pretty boy,pretty boy 噢,我英俊漂亮的男孩
    Say you love me too 说你也爱我好吗