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  • Title:Blue Skies
  • Artist:Lenka
  • Album:Blue Skies
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    Blue Skies - Lenka

    We’ve been waiting, anticipating change coming our way
    You’re my baby through the bad nights to the brighter days
    I know that something good is waiting just around the corner
    There’s a new day dawning there’s a new life for us
    Got to keep on holding on for just a little longer
    I know
    That it’s gonna be
    Blue Skies for you and I
    We’ll step out of the shadows and walk into the light
    Yeah it’s gonna be Blue Skies for you and I
    But my heart beats slow as the storm carries on up high
    And the clouds roll by
    I can feel it, it’s coming
    Fast and fierce and wild
    I can see it, everytime I look into those eyes
    Tell me is it really gonna storm again
    Will the sky turn dark, will the rain begin?
    I wanna be with you whenever lightning strikes,
    ‘cause I know
    But it’s gonna be Blue Skies for you and I
    Let the clouds roll by
    I can’t stand the rain for one more day
    I know we can make it go away
    Can you feel it like a fever
    Burning till it breaks
    Blue Skies
    clouds roll by