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  • Title:Try Everything
  • Artist:Shakira
  • Album:Try Everything (From "Zootopia")
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    Oh oh oh oh oh
    I messed up tonight
    I lost another fight
    Lost to myself but I’ll just start again
    I keep falling down
    I keep on hitting the ground
    But I always get up now to see what’s next
    Birds don’t just fly they fall down and get up
    Nobody learns without getting it wrong
    I won’t give up
    No I won’t give in till I reach the end,
    and then I’ll start again
    No I won’t leave I want to try everything
    I want to try even though I could fail
    Try everything
    Look how far you’ve come
    You filled your heart with love
    Baby you’ve done enough
    Take a deep breath
    Don’t beat yourself up
    No need to run so fast
    Sometimes we come last but we did our best
    I’ll keep on making those new mistakes
    I’ll keep on making them every day
    Those new mistakes
    Shakira - Try Everything (From "Zootopia")