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  • Title:I Miss You
  • Artist:Adele
  • Album:25
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    I Miss You - Adele

    I want every single piece of you
    I want your heaven and your ocean's too
    Treat me soft but touch me cruel
    I wanna teach you things you never knew
    Bring the floor up to my knees
    Let me fall into your gravity
    And kiss me back to life to see
    Your body standing over me
    Baby don't let the lights go down
    Lights go down, lights go down
    I miss you when the lights go out in the moon
    And all of my doubts pull me
    Hold me, hold me tight
    Hold me close
    Baby give me light
    I love the way your body moves
    Towards me from across the room
    Brushing past my every groove
    No one has me like you do
    In your heart I bring my soul
    But be delicate with my ego
    I wanna step into your breach unknown
    Baby you and me set the tone
    We play so dirty in the dark
    Cause we are living worlds apart
    It only makes it harder baby