• Title:Starboy
  • Artist:The Weeknd;Daft Punk
  • Album:Starboy
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    I'm tryna put you in the worst mood, ah
    P1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah
    Milli point two just to hurt you, ah
    All red Lamb' just to tease you, ah
    None of these toys on lease too, ah
    Made your whole year in a week too, yah
    Main bitch out your league too, ah
    Side bitch out of your league too, ah
    House so empty, need a centerpiece
    Twenty racks a table, carved from ebony
    Cut that ivory into skinny pieces
    Then she clean it with her face man I love my baby
    You talking money, need a hearing aid
    You talking bout me, I don't see a shade
    Switch out my side, I'll take any lane
    I switch out my car if I kill any pain
    Look what you've done
    I'm a motherfucking Starboy
    Every day a nigga try to test me, ah
    Every day a nigga try to end me, ah
    Pull off in that Roadster SV, ah
    Pockets overweight, getting hefty, ah
    Coming for the king, that's a far cry, I
    I come alive in the fall time, I
    The competition, I don't ever listen
    I'm in the blue Mulsanne bumping New Edition
    Cut that ivory to skinny pieces
    Then she clean it with her face but I love my baby
    Let a nigga Brad Pitt
    Legend of the fall took the year like a bandit
    By my ma a crib and a brand new wagon
    Now she hit the grocery shop looking lavish
    Star Trek groove in that Wraith of Khan
    Girls get loose when they hear this song
    100 on the dash get me close to God
    We don't pray for love, we just pray for cars