• Title:Rockabye
  • Artist:Clean Bandit;Sean Paul;Anne-Marie
  • Album:Rockabye
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    Call it love and devotion
    Call it the mom’s adoration
    A special bond of creation, hah
    For all the single mums out there going through frustration
    Clean Bandit, Sean-da-Paul, Anne-Marie
    Make Them Hear
    She works the night, by the water
    She's gonna stress, so far away
    From her father's daughter
    She just wants a life for her baby
    All on her own, no one will come
    She's got to save him (daily struggle)
    She tells him "uh, love, no one's ever gonna hurt you, love
    I'm gonna give you all of my love
    Nobody matters like you"
    She tells him "your life ain't gonna be nothing like my life
    You're gonna grow and have a good life
    I'm gonna do what I've got to do"
    So, Rockabye baby, Rockabye
    I'm gonna rock you
    Rockabye baby, don't you cry
    Somebody's got you
    Rockabye baby, Rockabye
    Rockabye, no
    Rockabye, oh oh yeah
    Single mama you doing out there
    Facing the hard life, without no fear
    Just in case you know that you really care
    Cause any obstacle come you’re well prepared
    And No mama you never set tear
    Cause you have to set things year and to year
    And You give the youth love beyond compare
    You find his school fi and the bus fare
    Mmm marie, the pap' disappear
    In the round back can’t find him no where
    Steadily you work flow
    You know say you nuh stop the time fi a jear
    Now she gotta a six year old
    Trying to keep him warm
    Trying to keep all the cold
    When he looks her in the eyes
    He don't know he's safe
    When she says "uh, love, no one's ever gonna hurt you, love
    Bidda-bang-bang-bang, alright then
    Rockabye ,don't bother cry
    Lift it up your hand, lift it up to the sky
    Rockabye,don't bother cry
    Enjoy yourseld just try your eye
    He don't know he's safe when she says