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  • Title:Good Life
  • Artist:G-Eazy;Kehlani
  • Album:Good Life
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    Raise up a cup up for all my day ones
    Two middle fingers for the haters
    Life's only getting greater
    Straight up from nothing we go up
    Higher than the highest skyscraper
    No little league, we major
    The proof is in the paper
    We put the good in the good in the good life
    We put the bad in the past, now we alright
    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    (Kehlani, I got you)
    And it's a feeling that I can't explain
    How you make it and your team stay the same
    Stay down from the jump and they never change
    Man, this a moment I could never trade, yeah
    I told my moms not to stress no more
    Go hit the Bentley store and no credit card debts no more
    (Love you mom)
    I bought the crib and it's in escrow now
    So you don't ever have to worry about how you have to pay rent no more
    I put my team in position, now they makin' a killin'
    Stackin' blue faces straight to the ceiling
    Out in Vegas I'm with 'em
    Ordering bottles of that Ace when they sit 'em
    'Til there ain't enough space up on the table to fit 'em
    Go ahead and...
    (The good life)
    (I said the good life)
    (We alright)
    (Yeah, yeah)
    Pour some Clicquot in the glass, have a toast to success
    No looking back from here, no more being broke and distressed
    I put my heart into this game like I opened my chest
    We only pray for more M's while you hope for the best
    We make these plays, man I'm finessin' these checks
    Times up for everybody, I'm collecting on debts
    And I swear this champagne just tastes better on jets
    I'm just out here being great, man, this is as real as it gets
    (Yeah, go up)
    (You know)
    Damn right, from the bottom we rise
    So high, now we cover sky lights
    We're building an empire
    We're all [?] with each other
    Just look at us right now, destined
    We're so good right now, legend
    Here's to you and I
    Raise 'em to the sky
    (Yeah, you know)
    Uh, the good life