• Title:Dive
  • Artist:Ed Sheeran
  • Album:÷ (Deluxe)
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    Maybe I came on too strong
    Maybe I waited too long
    Maybe I played my cards wrong
    Oh just a little bit wrong
    Baby I apologise for it
    I could fall or I could fly
    Here in your aeroplane
    I could live I could die
    Hanging on the words you say
    I've been known to give my all
    And jumping in harder than
    10000 rocks on the lake
    So don't call me baby
    Unless you mean it
    Don't tell me you need me
    If you don't believe it
    So let me know the truth
    Before I dive right into you
    You're a mystery
    I have travelled the world
    And there's no other girl like you no one
    What's your history
    Do you have a tendency to lead some people on
    Cause I heard you do
    And lie awake every day
    Don't know how much I can take
    Sitting back looking at
    Every mess that I made