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  • Title:Nancy Mulligan
  • Artist:Ed Sheeran
  • Album:÷ (Deluxe)
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    I was twenty-four years old
    When I met the woman I would call my own
    Twenty-two grand kids now growing old
    In that house that your brother bought ya
    Oh the summer day when I proposed
    I made that wedding ring from dentist gold
    And I asked her father, but her daddy said, "No
    You can't marry my daughter"
    She and I went on the run
    Don't care about religion
    I'm gonna marry the woman I love
    Down by the waxford border
    She was Nancy Mulligan
    And I was William Sheeran
    She took my name and then we were one
    Well, met her at Guy's in the second world war
    And she was working on a soldier's ward
    Never had I seen such beauty before
    The moment that I saw her
    Nancy was my yellow rose
    And we got married wearing borrowed clothes
    We got eight children now growing old
    Five sons and three daughters
    From her snow white streak in her jet black hair
    Over sixty years I've been loving her
    Now we're sat by the fire in our old armchairs
    You know Nancy, I adore ya
    From a farm boy born near Belfast town
    I never worried about the king and crown
    'Cause I found my heart upon the southern ground
    There's no difference, I assure ya