• Title:Lust For Life
  • Artist:Lana Del Rey;The Weeknd
  • Album:Lust For Life
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    作曲 : Rick Nowels/Abel Tesfaye/Lana Del Rey/Max Martin
    作词 : Rick Nowels/Abel Tesfaye/Lana Del Rey/Max Martin
    Climb up the H
    Of the Hollywood sign, yeah
    In these stolen moments
    The world is mine (do it, do it)
    There's nobody here
    Just us together (shut up, shut up)
    Keepin' me hot
    Like July forever
    'Cause we're the masters of our own fate
    We're the captains of our own souls
    There's no way for us to come away
    'Cause boy we're gold, boy we're gold
    And I was like...
    Take off, take off
    Take off all your clothes
    Take off all of your clothes
    They say only the good die young
    That just ain't right
    'Cause we're having too much fun
    Too much fun tonight, yeah
    And a lust for life, and a lust for life
    Keeps us alive, keeps us alive
    Then, we dance on the H
    'Til we run out of breath
    Gotta dance 'til we die (duwop, duwop)
    My boyfriend's back
    And he's cooler than ever (shuwop, shuwop)
    There's no more night
    Blue skies forever
    So there's no need for us to hesitate
    We're all alone, let's take control
    And he's cooler than ever
    I told you twice
    In our love letter
    There's no stopping now
    Green lights forever