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  • Title:The Light
  • Artist:Disturbed
  • Album:Immortalized
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    Like an unsung melody
    The truth is waiting there for you to find it
    It's not a blight but a remedy
    A clear reminder of how it began
    Deep inside your memory
    You turned away as you struggled to find it
    You heard their call as you walked away
    A voice of calm but within the silence
    And though it seemed an eternity
    You waited, hoping it would call out again
    With the shadow beckoning
    Then your fears seemed to keep you blinded
    You held your guard as you walked away
    When you think all is forsaken
    Listen to me now (all's not forsaken)
    You need never feel broken again
    Sometimes darkness
    Can show you the light
    An unforgivable tragedy
    The answer isn't where you think you'd find it
    Prepare yourself for a reckoning
    From when your world seems to crumble again
    Don't be afraid, don't turn away
    You're the one who can redefine me
    Don't let hope become a memory
    Let the shadow permeate your mind, then
    Reveal the thoughts that were tucked away
    So that the door can be opened again
    Within your darkest memories
    Lies the answer if you dare to find it
    Sickening, weakening
    Don't let another zombie pariah consume your soul
    You need strengthening, toughening
    It takes a bit of dark to rekindle the fire burning in you
    Ignite the fire within you
    Don't ignore
    Listen to me now