• Title:I'm the One
  • Artist:DJ Khaled;Justin Bieber;Quavo;Chance The Rapper;Lil Wayne
  • Album:I'm the One
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    Another one!
    DJ Khaled
    Yeah, you're lookin' at the truth, the money never lie, no
    I'm the one yeah, I'm the one
    Early morning in the dawn know you wanna ride now (let's ride)
    I'm the one yeah (let's ride)
    I'm the one yeah
    And you sick of all those other imitators
    Don't let the only real one intimidate ya
    See you watchin', don't run outta time now
    I'm the one yeah, oh-eh-oh-oh-oh, eh-oh
    I'm the one, oh-eh-oh-oh-oh, eh-oh
    I'm the only one, oh-eh-oh-oh-oh, eh-oh
    I'm the only one
    Quavo! I'm the one that hit that same spot (hit it)
    She the one that bring them rain drops (rain drops)
    We go back, remember criss-cross and hopscotch? (hopscotch)
    You the one that hold me down when the block's hot (hot)
    I make your dreams come true when you wake up (dream)
    And your look's just the same without no make-up
    Had to pull up on your mama, see what you're made of (mama)
    Ain't gotta worry 'bout them commas 'cause my cake up
    You can run inside my life from that fame bus
    'Cause I promise when we step out you’ll be famous
    Modern day Bonnie and Clyde what they named us
    'Cause when we pull up (prr prr) all angles
    Early morning in the dawn, know you wanna ride now (let's ride)
    Okay though
    Uh, she beat her face up with that new Chanel
    She like the price, she see the ice, it make her coochie melt
    When I met her in the club I asked her who she felt
    Then she went and put that booty on that Gucci belt
    We don't got no label
    She say she want bottles, she ain't got no table
    She don't got no bed frame, she don't got no tables
    We just watching Netflix, she ain't got no cable,okay though
    Plug, plug, plug, I'm the plug for her
    She want a nigga that pull her hair and hold the door for her
    Baby, that's only me, bitch, it okay with me
    Baby, okay, okay though
    Lookin' for the one? Well, bitch, you’re lookin' at the one
    I’m the best yet, and yet my best is yet to come
    'Cause I've been lookin' for somebody, not just any fuckin' body
    Don't make me catch a body, that's for any and everybody
    Oh my God! She hit me up all day, get no response
    Bitch, you blow my high, that's like turnin' gold to bronze
    Roll my eyes
    And when she on the molly she a zombie
    She think we Clyde and Bonnie, but it's more like Whitney and Bobby
    God, forgive me
    Tunechi F finessin', I'm a legend
    Straight up out The Crescent, fly your bae down for the Essence
    For the record I knew Khaled when that boy was spinnin' records
    Mula gang winnin' record, I'm just flexin' on my exes, oh God!
    (Another one)
    Don't you know, girl, don't you know, girl
    I am the one for you (I'm the one) yeah, I'm the one