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  • Title:Young and Menace
  • Artist:Fall Out Boy
  • Album:Young and Menace
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    We’ve gone way too fast for way too long
    And we were never supposed to make it half this far
    And I lived so much life, lived so much life
    I think that God is gonna have to kill me twice
    Kill me twice like my name was Nikki Sixx
    I woke up in my shoes again but somewhere you exist singing
    Oops I, did it again, I forgot what I was losing my mind about
    Oh, I only wrote this down to make you press rewind
    And send a message that I was young and a menace
    Young and a menace (chopped sample)
    Woke up on the wrong side of reality
    And there’s a madness that’s just coursing right through me
    And as far as the time, far as the time
    Not sure I’m there yet but I’m searching out the ride
    If I am off the deep end
    I’m just here to become the best yet
    I’m just here for the psych assessment
    I’m just here for the for the