• Title:Momentz
  • Artist:Gorillaz;De La Soul
  • Album:Humanz (Deluxe)
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    Clocks on the wall
    Talk to watches on the wrist
    It's the moments we relive
    It's the moments like this
    When it's time to get ill
    We be so ahead of time
    It's the moments we achieve
    Best believe it's the moments
    Red or black, yellow
    Red, black, white, dirty
    Shivers down my backbone
    De La is also back again
    With a crew that's bound to pack them in
    Got a girl who's up for the mating
    I sense the need in her grandma
    Her nose has never been skating
    But she's sippin' star constellation
    The real squirt game was so like 2Pac
    At a court run towards camera
    Her response to that was just "Check please"
    Fuck that my man
    You can't let these (moments)
    Pass you by like "tick tock"
    I'm smackin' the bottom like flip flops
    Made her alarm ring
    (She screamed)
    And now we done, we passed the test
    So now lay down to rest
    And wait for the morning hangover that comes
    Red or black, yellow, red, black, white
    Plastic on the ceiling
    I'm talkin' about the Kool Klown Klan
    Kool Klown Klan
    I need to step out for
    A fresh of breath air after that