• Title:Submission
  • Artist:Gorillaz;Danny Brown;Kelela
  • Album:Humanz (Deluxe)
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    Don't try to hide away
    You know you've been on
    Though I'm keep and come, I'm not on
    Go away my love
    Thought I could change our fate
    I tried again, but there's delay
    It's more than I can take
    And it got to me
    When you state your love
    Then you walk away
    What could you be on
    Now you're not around
    But I hope you see
    I will be full-on
    If it's up to me
    It's all I got
    Feels so good doin' me
    If you take a look at the time
    You took and move on
    But don't go too far my lover
    We could try harder baby
    There's gotta be a better way
    So much that we could make it
    But you run away
    Gotta be full-on
    It is up to me
    Wish I could think of better ways
    'Cause I lost my patience yesterday
    If you could see inside of me
    There'd be no heart on my X-ray
    Opponents tryna checkmate
    But I don't see no escape
    Just tryna keep my head straight
    On thin ice with the ice skates
    At times, I feel like giving up
    'Cause it feels like I've had enough
    Felt like my soul in handcuffs
    Got questions with no answers
    Can't help me out, I need a friend
    I'm losing faith in this world of sin
    Tryna make ends meet with a week, no sleep
    It's like a cycle that never ends
    I can't pretend with no handling
    I can't take care of no grown man
    All by myself, crying out for help
    But won't get saved by no Superman
    All comes down to the mighty dollar
    Greed and lust, abusing power
    Clock is ticking, hour after hour
    Maybe when I throw my hands, I'll holla