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  • Title:Why Am I the One? (Acoustic)
  • Artist:Fun
  • Album:Some Nights (UK Version)
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    Why Am I the One
    I got enough on my mind
    that when she pulls me by the hair
    She hasn't much to hold on to

    She keeping count on her hand
    one, two, three days
    That I been sleeping on my side
    I finished kissing my death,
    so now I head back up the steps
    Thinking about where I've been,
    I mean the sun was never like this
    I wanna feel with the season
    I guess it makes sense
    Cause my life's become as vapid as
    a night out in Los Angeles
    And I just want to stay in bed
    And hold you like I used to
    You know that I am home,
    so darling if you love me
    Would you let me know...
    Or go on, go on, go on,
    if you were thinking that the worst is yet to come
    Why am I the one always packing up my stuff
    For once, for once, for once,
    I get the feeling that I'm right where I belong
    She got enough on her mind,
    that she feel no sorrow
    I let my faith fill the air,
    so now she rollin' down the window
    Never been one to hold on
    but I need a last breath
    So I ask if she remembers when,
    she used to come and visit me
    We were fools to think that nothing could go wrong
    Go on, go on, go on,
    I think I kinda like it but I might've had too much
    I'll move back down to this western town
    When they find me out make no mistake about it
    (I'll move back down to this western town)
    I'll move back down...