• Title:Rollin
  • Artist:Calvin Harris;Future;Khalid
  • Album:Rollin
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    I've been rollin' on the freeway
    I've been riding 85
    I've been thinking way too much
    And I'm way too gone to drive
    I got anger in my chest
    I got millions on my mind
    And you didn't fit the picture
    So I guess you weren't the vibe
    L-O-V-E on my right leg, that's Gucci (know what I'm sayin'?)
    L-O-V-E on my main ho, that's pucci (get what I'm sayin'?)
    Caught a lil' jetlag but I'm golden, damn
    We deserve Grammys and some Oscars, damn
    They deserve wammys, they imposters
    I be rollin' with my project homies, it's a vibe
    I just did some pills with the homie, it's a vibe
    Bend her over, switch sides, it's a vibe
    I come through with strippers and some shottas
    I gotta accept that I'm a monster
    I pull up in several different options
    Not all, but most of 'em came topless
    I'll shatter your dreams with this cream I make
    Gotta be on codeine to think of shit I say
    I can't feel my toes and ain't gon' fold up
    I was in the parkin' lot when I rolled up
    Gotta dig what I'm sayin', Chanel draped on me, baby
    Gotta dig what I'm sayin', she look like she's sponsored by Mercedes
    Dig what I'm sayin', this cree cologne is on me, baby (you dig?)
    Dig what I'm sayin'? I'm goin' hard (hard, yeah)
    I pop up bubbly in your memory
    You should be glad I'm showin' you sympathy (show you sympathy)
    I gave you, took you up out the gutter (out the gutter)
    Ever let you go, you gon' suffer (you gon' suffer from it)

    Yeah, L.O.V.E. on my right leg
    Nah Hendrix overload, dig what I'm sayin'?
    I feel like I should be giving up
    You can't leave this, it's too much
    But I'm tired of you leading me on, oh no
    I don't like where this shit is going
    You heart is stuck in all your apologies
    Gave you all but you went off on me
    Keep your love, it doesn't feel the same
    I hope it hurts you when you're hearin' my name