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  • Title:Outlaws
  • Artist:Green Day
  • Album:Revolution Radio
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    Life after youth
    Faded in twilight
    The dawn of a criminal in bloom
    First love
    First forgiveness
    We were delinquents
    Freaks of a faded memory
    Outlaws, When we were forever young
    When we were outlaws
    We're outlaws of redemption
    Baby Hooligans
    We destroyed suburbia
    The outlaws of forever
    Scars, broken hearts
    Breaking in cars
    Running in the light of the moon
    Lost souls
    Bottle rockets
    All that we wanted
    Is for a life beyond the stars
    We're outlaws of forever, baby

    I got no supervision
    Nothing will change my spirits
    Race around with my innocence
    I'll plead my innocence
    But that's my best defense
    When you are young
    I found a knife by the railroad track
    You took a train and you can't go back
    Forever now
    Forever now, you'll roam