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  • Title:Forever Now
  • Artist:Green Day
  • Album:Revolution Radio
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    My name is Billie and I'm freaking out
    I thought therefore I was
    Well I can't really figure it out
    I sit alone with my thoughts and prayers
    Scream out my memories
    As if I was never there
    Standing at the edge of the world
    Is giving me the chills
    Looking down the edge of the world
    Lost in a tango
    It's freaking me out
    Burning lights and blackouts

    From the edge of the world
    I'm like a punk rocker on Labor Day
    How the hell did I work so hard
    To be born this way?
    I never learned to read or write so well
    (Freaking out)
    But I can play the guitar until it hurts like hell
    Part 2 - "A Better Way to Die"
    If this is what you call the good life
    I want a better way to die
    Oh I don't want to think about tomorrow
    Don't want to think about it, Oh
    It doesn't matter anyway
    Oh I wanna start a revolution
    I want to hear it on my radio
    I'll put it off another day
    I want a new conspiracy
    And the silence of a thousand cries
    So hurry up
    Part 3 - "Somewhere" (Reprise)
    I'm running late to somewhere now
    That I don't want to be
    Where the future and promises
    Ain't what it used to be
    I never wanted to compromise
    Or bargain with my soul
    How did a life on the wild side
    Ever get so full?
    Somewhere now
    Oh I don't wanna think about tomorrow
    Don't wanna think about it, Oh
    (I ain't gonna stand in line no more!)