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  • Title:Love Shouldn't Be So Hard
  • Artist:Carta;Robert Falcon
  • Album:Love Shouldn't Be So Hard
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    Open eyes
    It's crystal clear we lost our shine
    You & I
    We're going down nowhere to hide
    tell me why
    you're trying so hard to save us
    we can't survive
    We're a flame we're a flame
    No oxygen to keep us alive
    It's a shame it's a shame
    But the truth ain't gonna lie lie lie
    We're only happy sitting in the silence
    We only fuck after we finish fighting
    Nothing comes easy
    But love shouldn't be so hard babe
    I'm not saying we have to be flawless
    But we're so far gone just being honest
    love shouldn't be so hard babe
    Up hill climb
    We're losing breath
    But scared to leave
    this behind
    I got so used to you next to me
    It ain't right
    We got one life let's not deny that