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  • Title:Stardust
  • Artist:Lifehouse
  • Album:Out of the Wasteland (Bonus Track Version)
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    Stardust - Lifehouse

    I'm on a mission resuming transmission
    That checked out for too long
    Was put into submission 'til I wrote down it all
    But the truth is I cannot be trusted with what's in my head
    Soon the crowd's position's braced with getting out of bed
    Wake up and pay my dues 'til I'm blue in the face
    Falling in line with the rest 'til I'm out of the race
    But I'm losing it over nothing just clearing space
    You can only dance with the darkness when dawn takes
    'Cause we're just a speck in this world and they say
    Take it or leave it
    Short on stardust but there's still time
    I needed you to hear me out and free me from all my doubts
    Now you found me
    I can't feel you but there's still time
    Yeah it doesn't mean when I am low
    No one's ever been this close can you hear me
    It's not easy to change in a world of chaos
    'Cause in layman's terms I was the big boss
    Choking down the last of my entitlement
    I kiss the ring goodbye while we're still young but follow
    Through in the light of it
    I thank my lucky stars for this life of ambition
    I have you and the life of a musician
    Push the reset button reboot up and take what you get
    Let love in take care of the rest
    Can you hear me now
    Yeah Yeah
    Then you found me