• Title:Fetish
  • Artist:Selena Gomez;Gucci Mane
  • Album:Fetish
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    Take it or leave it
    Baby take it or leave it
    But I know you won't leave it
    'Cause I know that you need it
    Look in the mirror
    When I look in the mirror
    Baby I see it clearer
    Why you wanna be nearer
    I'm not surprised
    I sympathize, ah
    I can't deny
    Your appetite, ah
    You got a fetish for my love
    I push you out and you come right back
    Don't see a point in blaming you
    If I were you, I'd do me too
    Reaching your limit
    Say you're reaching your limit
    Going over your limit
    But I know you can't quit it
    Something about me
    Got you hooked on my body
    Take you over and under and twisted up like origami
    The way you walk, the way you talk
    I blame you 'cause it's all your fault
    Ya playin' hard, don't turn me off
    Ya acting hard, but I know you soft
    You my fetish, I'm so with it
    All these rumors bein' spreaded
    Might as well go 'head and whip it
    'Cause they sayin' we already did it
    Call on Gucci if you ever need and
    I'll be South Beach in the drop top gleamin'
    Order diamonds, Aquafina
    Just need you in a blue bikini