• Title:Rain
  • Artist:The Script
  • Album:Rain
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    Woke up this morning can't shake the thunder from last night
    You left with no warning and took the summer from my life
    I gave you my everything now my world it don't seem right
    Can we just go back to being us again
    'Cause when I'm sitting in the bar
    All the lovers with umbrellas always pass me by
    It's like I'm living in the dark
    And my heart's turned cold since you left my life
    And no matter where I go
    Girl I know if I'm alone there'll be no blue sky
    I don't know what I'm doing wrong
    'Cause baby when you're gone
    All it does is rain rain rain down on me
    Each drop is pain pain pain when you leave
    It's such a shame we fucked it up you and me
    All it does is rain
    And it feels like oh oh oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    Tried to find shelter here in the arms of someone new
    But I'd rather be there under the covers just with you
    'Cause you were my everything
    Now I don't know what to do
    Oh I'm caught up in the storm