• Title:Summer Bummer
  • Artist:Lana Del Rey;A$AP Rocky;Playboi Carti
  • Album:Summer Bummer
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    It's never too late
    To be who you wanna be
    To say what you wanna say
    To leave if you wanna leave
    Or to stay if you wanna stay (better not)
    But, baby (yeah)
    I got a feeling in my bones
    Can't get you out of my veins (yeah, yeah)
    You can't escape my affection (yah, yeah)
    Wrap you up in my daisy chains
    Hip-Hop in the summer
    Don't be a bummer, babe
    Be my undercover lover, babe, hmm
    High tops in the summer
    Uh, her sophistication makes you wanna quit the bitch you datin'
    Let's skip the games, let's quit the playin'
    Boo, let's get acquainted (what?)
    Notifications sync in place even when we're on vacation (yeah)
    I knew she'd notice like I missed the payment, dang it (What? Ooh)
    But bang it like my fingers (Ooh, what?)
    She pray to God I made it (What?)
    But bankin' like my Franklins (Yeah)
    My neighbors stopped the hatin' (Yeah)
    What? (what? They been at it, check it out)
    Huh? (We been out here, yeah)
    Slide inside it
    Diddy Boppin'
    Milly Rockin'
    She just might become my lover for real
    I might fuck with her all summer for real
    They better not holla if I cuff her for real
    Niggas better run for cover for real
    Goin' bell how I feel, close the deal, pop a seal
    Take the whip, two pills on the lips on the real
    Truthfully between you and me I'm usually single
    When it's hot outside this, I ride through any hood with the top out
    Hop out
    White lies and black beaches
    Miles in between us
    Is this love or lust or some game on repeat?
    It's like making me crazy
    Tell me, "have patience"
    Baby, I need this
    White lines and black beaches
    And blood red sangrias
    We traveled for weeks, just to escape your demons
    But you've got your reasons
    In making me crazy
    High tops in the summer (top out, hop out, hop out)
    Don't be a bummer, babe (top out, hop out, hop out)
    Don't be a bummer (top out, hop out, hop out)
    Don't be a bummer
    Be my undercover lover, babe