• Title:Groupie Love
  • Artist:Lana Del Rey;A$AP Rocky
  • Album:Groupie Love
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    You're in the bar
    Playing guitar
    I'm trying not to let the crowd next to me
    It's so hard sometimes with the star
    When you have to share him
    With everybody
    You're in the club
    Living it up
    I'm trying not to let the crowd notice me
    It's so sweet
    Swingin' to the beat
    When I know, that you're doing it all for me
    And every time you look up
    I know, what you're thinking of
    You want my
    Groupie love
    Time after time, writing my lines
    Having my baby there next to me
    It's so sweet pouring you a drink
    And pretending that nothing means anything
    This is my life, you by my side
    Key lime and perfume and festivals
    Taking our dreams, turning them to things
    It's like magic, babe, isn't life wonderful?
    And every time we hook up
    Front row, every show like a hype man(hmm)
    Sing along,word for word,while she my bae(yeah)
    Side stage, fans screamin' causin' migraines
    Yamborghini High, but she ain't on my grade(hmm,hmm)
    God damn, gotta nigga acting irate(hmm,hmm)
    My babe, my babe, stay on my brain(yeah)
    My babe, made me sing to a fire escape
    City girl, but she grew up in the tri-state
    She ain't got no time for no groupie love (hmm)
    We don't pay no minds to the thug with a ...(hmm)
    Girls, you would not, so who do we trust?
    You and I 'til the day we die(You and I 'til the day we die)
    You are my babe