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  • Title:Heroin
  • Artist:Lana Del Rey
  • Album:Lust for Life
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    Topanga is hot tonight, the city by the bay
    Has movie stars and liquor stores and soft decay
    The rumbling from distant shores sends me to sleep
    But the facts of life can sometimes make it hard to dream
    Life rocked me like Mötley
    Grab me by the ribbons in my hair
    Life rocked me, ultra-softly
    Like the heavy metal, that you wear
    I'm flying to the moon again
    Dreaming about heroin
    Probably gave you everything
    And took your life away
    I put you on an aeroplane
    Destined for a foreign land
    My hopes that you come back again
    To tell me everything's
    Okay (eh, eh, babe, yeah)
    Topanga is hot today
    Manson's in the air
    And all my friends have come
    'Cause they still feel him here
    I want to leave
    I'll probably stay another year
    It's hard to live, when absolutely nothing's clear
    Bad beginning to my new year
    Like the heavy metal, that you hear
    And how I gave you everything
    I thought that you'd come back again
    It's fucking hot, hot
    Winter in the city
    Something 'bout this weather made these kids go crazy
    It's hot, even for February
    Something 'bout this sun has made these kids get scary
    Oh, writing in blood on my walls and shit
    Oh, oh my God
    Tripping off from the walls into the darks and shit
    Oh, hoh, hoh, hoh
    I'll be lying, if I said I wasn't sick of it
    Lead me, baby
    Come on
    Dreaming about marzipan
    Taking all my medicine
    To take my thoughts away
    I'm getting on that aeroplane
    Leaving my old man again
    I hope, that I'd come back one day
    To tell you that I
    Really changed
    It's hot, hot
    Something 'bout the city
    Don't know what he is
    And make my head get crazy
    Oh, oh, oh
    Makes me feel, like I can change
    All of my evil ways and shit
    Hmm, hmm
    I'd be lying, if I said I wasn't sick of it