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  • Title:Sharp Edges
  • Artist:Linkin Park
  • Album:One More Light
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    Mama always told me don't you run
    Don't you run with scissors, son
    You're gonna hurt someone
    Mama told me look before you leap
    Always think before you speak
    And watch the friends you keep
    Stay along the beaten path
    Never listened when she said
    Sharp edges have consequences
    I guess that I had to find out for myself
    Now every scar is a story I can tell

    Should've played it safer from the start
    Loved you like a house of cards
    Let it fall apart
    But all the things I couldn't understand
    Never could've planned
    They made me who I am
    Put your nose on paperbacks
    Instead of smoking cigarettes
    These are years you're never getting back
    We all fall down, we live somehow
    We learn what doesn't kill us makes us stronger