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  • Title:Halfway Right
  • Artist:Linkin Park
  • Album:One More Light
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    I scream at myself when there's nobody else to fight
    I don't lose, I don't win, if I'm wrong, then I'm halfway right

    Used to get high with the dead end kids
    Abandoned houses where the shadows live
    I never been higher than I was that night
    I woke up driving my car
    I couldn't see then what I see right now
    The road dissolvin' like an empty vow
    Couldn't remember where I've been that night
    I knew that I took it too far
    All you said to do was slow down
    I remember, now I remember
    But I was already gone
    I know what I want, but it feels like I'm paralyzed
    Halfway right
    Told me kid you're going way to fast
    You burn too bright, you know you'll never last
    It was bullshit then I guess it makes sense now
    Said I'd lose you if I lost control
    I just laughed because what do they know?
    Here I am, standing all alone
    Because I took it too far