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  • Title:I Know Nothing
  • Artist:Lovestoned
  • Album:Rising Love
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    There was a time,i thought have every,answer

    Ithought knew, what really,matter
    Of to get out,but not now
    There was a time,i was high on my opinion
    It was all about, about losing or winning
    Never with doubt,but not now
    I'm just calling,like i see it,
    if i love i release it,
    Now it goes,
    'Cause i let go on my control'
    I know nothing;
    I know nothing
    Can't you see?
    I'm nothing,but blue now,
    You're nothing but blue now
    Iwonder why;But i dont know,'cause
    Don't worry
    I just do what i do now;the happies fool now
    I love my life;in the way i just don't know;
    See what you say;
    But there ain't no tellin' tomorrow
    The left side you got to follow
    So give up the fight;
    It's alright
    It's all to the change;
    Some bad and some for the better
    It all plants up on the measure
    As long as we try,
    Now it throws,
    Worries,i won't let them give the best to me
    Just row with them to anywhere they moan with me
    Straight they put
    Bots on my Mind
    Answer to there's a life of mine
    Don't ask me how,I've come to real like this;
    'cause all i know is...