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  • Title:I Can't Wait
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Rock A Little
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    I can't wait I can't wait
    I love you
    Sometime she talks to him
    Sometimes when she's only dreaming
    Then when she wakes up
    Somehow she still believes him
    Yes, I know you
    Tho we've been out of touch
    To be continued, it's too much baby
    Well, I've got to know when I can see you again, now baby
    Am I wasting my time while you make up your mind
    Well, I can't wait I can't wait
    What can I do when I'm crazy for you
    She wonders how many more hours
    Her heart will feel broken
    In secret she says she needs to see him
    But no words are spoken
    She dances around in a circle
    Well she's got that feeling now
    Blame it on something at first sight
    Put the blame on me if you want to
    To be continued
    I got to know when I can see you again
    How will we feel 20 years from now