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  • Title:Street Angel
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Street Angel
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    I've been walking under rainbows
    Too long to tell
    You keep walking down mean streets
    My street angel
    I try to bring you in out of the cold
    But street angels live on the street
    And they always will
    Street angels aren't like anyone you know
    They do what they want
    And they go where they go
    They may tell you
    That you hold the world in your hands
    But they always give it back
    They always give it back
    No amount of crying changes your mind
    No amount of praying brings you inside
    I know that you love me
    And that you always will
    You just stand outside
    And call to me
    My sweet street angel
    A Charles
    Dickens character
    With your top hat and your scarf
    When you pull me through the rainbow
    I thought you'd stop
    But you didn't you turned around
    You went back to the children
    And your music
    And the people that you love
    I can't help but wonder if
    Every one in a while
    You remember the girl
    When you were a homeless angel
    That drove you wild
    Strange and elusive
    You just stand outside and call to me
    So I ended it all for the both of us
    I fell down the stairs a broken rag doll
    But you never knew you just thought
    I went away
    With nothing more to hope for
    But you don't hear voices anymore
    No my sweet street angel