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  • Title:Blue Denim
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Street Angel
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    I saw him the other day
    I saw him again yesterday
    I wonder if I'll ever see him again
    He reminded me of Blue Denim
    Blue-gray eyes
    They change with the color
    Change with the sun
    They run with the sight
    They change with the wind
    But they're always bright
    Bright eyes Blue Denim
    I knew him another way
    I knew him another day
    In some ways he'd forgotten me
    In many ways he got to me
    I turned away so he couldn't see
    I turned away it could never be
    I never thought he could walk away
    But I lost him again yesterday
    Understanding me
    Understanding you
    Is not an easy thing to do
    And understanding you
    And I will never forget
    The last time I saw you
    Like a photograph so rare
    Like a painting
    No I will never forget
    Never to be not you not me
    No no
    So I'm going away for a little while
    To remember how to feel
    And if I find the answer
    I promise you
    I'll come back and get you