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  • Title:Listen to the Rain
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Street Angel
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    Well you're a front liner
    You put it all on the line
    And you're a gambler
    You turn lucky every time
    Ooh, you're consistent
    Hey, and that's good
    And you're persistent
    Well I am overcome
    Well you're not like anyone else
    You're not like anyone
    You're just an instant flash of light
    That shines through the night like a lighthouse
    Well you're a victim
    Phantom of the opera
    And you've been everywhere
    And you live in dark shadows
    You do what you want to
    There's no beauty and the beast here
    No no no
    That shines
    Well open up the window
    And you will hear the rain
    Come back to me once more
    And throw away the pain
    My world will still revolve around you
    Listen to the rain
    Take time to listen to the rain
    Take time baby to listen to the rain
    Well she didn't know better
    Well she didn't know then that the sound that she heard
    Well she didn't know
    Was the sound of her own door closing
    Open up the window
    And listen to the rain
    Take some time to smell the roses
    And you can throw away the pain
    So listen to the rain
    Take time and listen to the rain
    Well take time and listen to the rain
    Ooh take time honey take a little time honey
    Take time baby a little time baby