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  • Title:Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Street Angel
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    I'm beside myself
    Cause I don't know and you won't tell
    Your distant world has somehow pulled me in
    It's so surreal
    So out of time with you it feels
    To give again
    But you don't need a thing
    Maybe love will change your mind
    Maybe this time
    A look a touch
    Just because I wanted them
    To mean so much
    You might not feel the same
    The day would end
    And you'd go back to where you've been
    A kiss for luck
    I wish you could have stayed
    Maybe love will make it clear
    Oh what words would keep you here
    Maybe love will reach your heart
    Thought I saw it in the dark
    You want me to be there
    You take me somewhere
    You show me your lifeline
    Reveal your other side
    I would say but the words won't come
    I just come undone
    All I want to do is to
    be closer to you
    La la la la la La la la la la
    This time Maybe love
    Maybe love
    Well you want me to be there with you
    Well there's nothing more
    I'd rather do