• Title:Greta
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Street Angel
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    Rhinestone collections all the time
    I wonder what greta would say
    Another lady
    Another time
    Another heartbroken state of mind
    Alone in her chambers
    She dreams of her home
    Outside she's got a movie star view
    Outcries well where will the kings go
    Where will the kings go now
    She's got her eyes wide open
    And she's ready to stare you down
    She says in words unspoken
    She's from out of town
    Well some cry
    Well I really don't dance down
    Stormy weather it cuts like a knife
    She's got her bags packed
    And she's off to the valley where the
    Sun meets the sea
    You understand that
    She wants to live by the ocean
    And no one is pleased
    She gets a house in the mountains
    The next day
    The next day she leaves the station
    Do you really want to change her
    Or is it your right
    Ooh alone in her chambers
    In a very real way
    She's the purist art form
    I bet she said just how many art lovers can one
    Get to know
    She doesn't have an hour
    She doesn't have five minutes
    She's got to go!
    Well I wonder what greta would say
    Ooh she's got a movie star view
    Oh well where will the kings go
    Say greta