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  • Title:Whole Lotta Trouble
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:The Other Side of the Mirror
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    Would you change your mind
    At the very last moment
    Would you say stop for a second
    I'll bet you could think for a minute
    In the morning light he says
    When will I see you
    She says I don't think tomorrow, baby
    Sometimes I wonder if things would change
    If we stayed together
    At the very last minute
    I think you should stop for a second
    Think for a moment
    This could be a whole lotta trouble
    Whole lotta trouble
    Whole lotta trouble for you
    Well this could be a whole lotta trouble
    And the angel said well you must have had a dream
    And you remember it
    'till the dream followed through
    Till the end of the dream and the dream came true
    When I want something I get it
    You'd better go he says yes I think I better
    Stop for a moment I think you should think for a minute
    Whole lotta trouble, baby
    Oh yeah
    Oh yeah not guilty have mercy
    Oh he says you could be my prisoner
    Well you're not living in the real world
    You're not living in the real world
    You're not my friend you're not my love
    And this is something that we really don't discuss
    Where are you sometimes I hear you crying
    And I wake up and I get through it
    A whole lotta trouble for you