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  • Title:Fire Burning
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:The Other Side of the Mirror
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    A huge fire was burning
    And her eyes grew strangely bright
    She turned around in her room
    What could she take and still survive the fire
    But then again
    There was a window
    You know it's an illusion
    There is no fire burning just a soul crying
    So cry for me take a little time and then stop
    It's just something that you cannot see
    So stop
    She swings around on the second story
    I'll get down she says
    Well there is no fire burning just a soul crying
    I will you know
    So I take it to the limit
    I will you know as I always have
    I understand your position
    I withdraw my decision
    Well I've got no more information for you
    So still there is a fire that no one sees
    She doesn't even see it either
    Or so everyone thinks
    There's no fire
    There is no fire
    Well there's no fire burning just a soul crying
    It's just a soul crying