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  • Title:Garden
  • Artist:Dua Lipa
  • Album:Dua Lipa (Deluxe)
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    Remember when we swam in the ocean?
    Now we know what’s deep inside
    Remember when we ran in the open?
    Now we know what’s in the wild
    Used to think that this love was heaven sent
    How did we get lost? Can’t get back again
    Tell me, is there light on the outside?
    So are we leaving this garden of eden?
    Are we leaving this garden of eden?

    Used to walk around your apartment
    With nothing, but a smile on me
    But tonight, I’m so self conscious
    Isn’t it so clear to see?
    Nothing’s ever perfect in paradise
    Don’t know what it’s worth ’til you pay the price
    When you bite your tongue does it draw blood?
    Now I know what I know
    But it’s hard to find the meaning
    Where do we go?
    ‘Cause we don’t believe in this garden of eden
    (Eden, eden, eden…)
    This garden of eden
    I have cried for you, and I’ll ride for you
    I would die for you, would you do that for me?
    Tell the truth, what you wanna do
    Is it me and you?
    Are you with me, honey?
    Are you with me?
    So are we leaving?
    (Are we leaving this garden of eden?)
    Are we leaving?