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  • Title:Falling
  • Artist:Joshua Radin
  • Album:The Fall (Deluxe)
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    I built a place for you to land
    Can you see it now
    From where you stand?
    You may think the fall is just too far
    When you leap
    You see who you really are
    And if you jump now
    I know you'll survive
    You see it's a beautiful ride
    When you're high
    Flying through the sky
    And on your way down
    The sound of a new day
    Calls you from the ground

    I need to know what you mean
    Would you fight for us
    Or will you walk away?
    All I can say is don't be afraid
    It's not where you laid your head before
    It's where it lay
    So when I catch you I will never let go
    Just don't forget I'm down below
    I wanna know what you see
    When you're falling
    Do you think of me?
    Are you the road or the end?
    Either way you're my best friend
    So when I catch you I'll never let you go
    She's gonna be high
    On her way down
    Calls her from the ground
    Can you see it now?