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  • Title:Love Can Go to Hell
  • Artist:Brandy Clark
  • Album:Big Day in a Small Town
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    Love can go to your head
    Like a shot of something strong
    Love can go to your bed
    And stay there all night long
    Love can go on and on
    Like a Sunday morning sparrow
    Love can go to your heart
    Like a sweet talking arrow
    Love can go to hell
    In a broken heartbeat minute
    That's where I am
    Without you in it
    Every day is just
    Another night by myself
    Like roses in a vase of whiskey
    Dying for the way
    You used to kiss me
    Heaven knows
    I only wish you well

    Oh but love yeah
    I can go to church
    And fold these idle hands
    I can go to work
    Call some friends
    Make some plans
    I can get drunk on a Saturday night
    And try to fall for someone new
    But I'd just wake up hungover
    Cursing the day I fell for you
    I don't blame you at all
    No I don't hate you at all
    It's all loves fault
    So love can go to hell
    Forever's just a lie
    That love will tell
    So love yeah