• Title:Overture
  • Artist:Sleeping at Last
  • Album:Atlas: Darkness
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    It starts
    With our eyes well acquainted With the darkness
    The mind was made to illuminate the heart
    And when every constellation
    Suddenly appeared
    Through telescopes and calculations
    The far was pulled so near
    Even after everything we’ve seen
    We’ve barely caught a glimpse of what it means
    In the architecture of the soul
    The universe began with our eyes closed
    We claim our land
    We tame our seas
    We carve our names
    On the surface of history
    Til our hands get tied
    By the stubborn will
    Of gravity
    In the rise and fall
    Of a newborn’s chest
    Like the ocean swells
    We inhale, exhale and reset
    Every living thing
    Is in this constant state of unrest
    Even after all our history
    The universe began