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  • Title:Recognise Me
  • Artist:Sofi de la Torre
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    We could be like this
    With your hands in my hand
    I need for you to listen
    Just this one time and.

    And hold me like you mean it
    Like we're flying blind
    Cause every given moment
    Can be random
    Can be valued

    Wandering under your skin.
    Won't you just let me in
    Cause this untamed mind
    Is trying to, trying to find
    A space in time
    Where's the heart that beats like mine
    Where wisdom flows
    I need to know
    Can you recognise me
    It's how I miss firmness
    If we take it slow
    We're holding undercover
    Into the unknown
    I buried a treasure
    Can't find it alone
    Wandering under your skin
    I need your guidance
    I want to be lost in a world of our own