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  • Title:You're The Best Thing About Me
  • Artist:U2
  • Album:You're The Best Thing About Me
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    When you look so good, the pain in your face doesn't show
    When you look so good and baby, you don't even know
    When the world is ours but the world is not your kind of thing
    Full of shooting stars, brighter as they're vanishing
    Oh you've seen enough to know it's children who teach
    You're still free enough to wake up on a bed or a beach

    You're the best thing about me
    The best thing that ever happened, a boy
    I'm the kind of trouble that you enjoy
    The best things are easy to destroy
    The best thing about me
    I been crying out, "How bad can a good time be?"
    Shooting off my mouth, that's another great thing about me
    I have everything but I feel like nothing at all
    There's no risky thing for a man who's determined to fall
    Why am I
    Why am I walking away?
    Walking away
    I can see it all so clearly
    I can see what you can't see
    I can see you love her loudly
    When she needs you quietly